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Only Anne, Mercy, Tamara & Elan Use Online Scheduling.

Please call to Schedule with Others.

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Reiki Energy Work


Empowerment Coaching


Trish Works by Appointment Only.
Please call her to Schedule

Trish Heitz

Esthetician (NC E #25673)
Cosmetologist (NC C #125284)

Patricia Heitz…

    Is an Author, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Empowerment Coach, and Energy Clearing/Healing Practitioner. She has been studying mind/body wellness and healing since her experience surviving kidney cancer in 2002. She was determined to learn everything about how we contribute to disease in our body. She then spent the next 19 years studying the mind, body connection,
its relationship to disease, and why we don’t live the lives we love. What she discovered: it is always about our beliefs.

     In 2018 she published her book Daydreams Come True, a self-coaching workbook helping you discover your beliefs and how to transform them from self-sabotaging to supporting what you want to have/be in your life. This book is based on all the lessons she learned over those years, and her personal transformation. Having discovered her own self-sabotaging beliefs, and healing them, she learned how to overcome, and forgive from a childhood of abuse, suicide attempt at 14 and lingering effects of growing up in a volatile alcoholic household. She now lives a happy purposeful life and is dedicated to sharing her lessons learned so others may find their healing, wellness.

     She offers individual Energy Healing Sessions as a Certified Reiki Master, and both Group/Individual Coaching sessions in her Belief Blueprint Reset. As a veteran of the Spa Industry, she also offers Advanced level Skin Care services. When combined with Reiki, her skin care services help you becomeyour most beautiful self from the inside out! She has helped hundreds of people find the gifts of who
they are, so they can more easily heal the wounds of negative belief they have buried. The result islearning how to recognize old beliefs, reject them, and focus on a new thriving Belief system.

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